What does your coffee choice say about you?

A recent study examined one thousand coffee drinkers and associated personality traits and types with their coffee preferences. There were interesting discoveries that what does your coffee choice say about you?


If you are a cappuccino drinker, you are a very sophisticated individual. Unlike some of your friends, you aren’t the type of person to make crass jokes. You tend to grow bored easily, but you also have a very creative mind, and your sociable nature makes you a very good friend to others.


You’re always in a hurry, so you like your coffee strong and fast and on the go. You’re a leader, you’re hard working. You know how to get what you want and you’re always on the way to getting there. Just remember to have one day a week to slow down, or you might burn out.


If you are a latte drinker, you may be someone who has trouble making decisions. You have a more laid back nature and, as a result, you don’t worry about overanalyzing every decision. As a latte drinker, you are someone who likes to be comfortable.


Americano drinkers tend to be crowd-pleasers who are generally considered out-going and sociable. However, you are moody and unpredictable with your emotions.

Researchers claim that coffee drinkers are more extroverted than non-coffee drinkers and can easily become bored without other people around.