A healthy lifestyle is in pursuit by many people these days. When the quality of life goes up and the needs for warmth and a belly full of food are met, consumers are interested in more than just food to satisfy basic hunger needs, they want to eat healthy more than ever. However, increased quality of life may require people to work harder and the pace of modern life is moving faster, so there is a discrepancy in wanting to eat healthy and trying to keep up with life for many professionals these days. And with the desire to solve that discrepancy between wants and reality, Guanabana was born, aiming to serve wholesome goodness with a healthy dose of convenience and nutrients for the modern consumers.

Juice is one of the most common ways to ingest vegetables and fruits. It is not only the ultimate convenient treat, but also inarguably the best way to consume a large quantity of your daily needs for vegetables and fruits. Some combination of fruits and vegetables is able to deliver more health benefits than when eaten on its own. However, if you don’t have the time to research healthy combinations or to make your own, than you should pay close attention to the ingredient lists on ready-made-juices to make sure that you’re drinking natural, pure juices from fresh ingredients instead of added sugar.

At Guanabana, you can rest your worries when drinking our pure fruit juices that we made using the latest cold-pressed technology. Cold-pressing retains the beneficial live enzymes of fruits and vegetables while traditional juicing method may remove these enzymes through excessive heat. We have researched, tried and tested various recipes to produce delicious and varied range of juices that will guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

Smoothies are also a well-known drink made from fresh ingredients in Vietnam. A cold and refreshing smoothies are the go-to for those wanting to quench their thirst in the heat of Saigon. But did you know that despite the fresh fruits, smoothies are often packed full of not-so-healthy ingredients such as added sugar and condensed milk. Here at Guanabana, our smoothies are made using whole vegetables and fruits. We don’t add in additional sugar or ice that could dilute the smoothies. We let the fresh fruits and vegetables speak for themselves, but if you desire your wholesome smoothie to be sweeter, we’ll add in natural honey to your taste.

Besides our offerings of pure fruit juices and wholesome smoothies, we still want to increase the nutrient values by adding well-regarded superfoods such as chia seeds, whey protein, spirulina, cashew butter and bee pollen. And the results? Super delicious, super charged smoothies for your health, nurturing you from the inside out.

Guanabana also has another scrumptious and healthy offering – granola with yogurt. Our 3 types of fresh granola and yogurt will sure to delight every taste bud through fresh fruits, healthy homemade granola, seeds – the perfect snack for your health and beauty!

But what if you don’t feel like drinking your daily recommended amount of vegetables and fruits? Don’t worry, Guanabana also has a selection of fresh salads made daily by our chefs. A portion of Guanabana’s salad has all the necessary nutrients for a full meal without the heaviness of one. Our contains fresh greens, vegetables and protein such as chicken breast, bacon or cheese. We only use the best and freshest ingredients to prepare your salads.

Guanabana brings convenience to pursuit for a healthy lifestyle. Stop by at Guanabana to taste our delicious selection:

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In honour of Women’s Appreciation Month this March, Guanabana would like to show our appreciation to the beautiful ladies by offering these exclusive promotions:

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