SALAD & FUN FACTS! /// 08/06/19

Let’s Guanabana introduce you some fun facts:
• The term “salad” comes from the Latin word for salt (“sal”). The French eventually coined the term “salade” which is where we got it.
• The Caesar Salad was invented by Caesar Cardini on July 4, 1924 in Tijuana, Mexico. Born in a situation where the restaurant was completely out of food and he was forced to think of something instant with the remaining ingredients to serve the guests.
• Salad not only with vegetables. mixed fruits with sauces are also called fruit salads.
• Each salad country has its own appearance: Salad Olivier (Russia); Caesar Salad (Italy); Salad Shopska (Bulgaria); Salad Nicoise (French); Salad Cobb (USA); Vietnamese salads are also diverse in ingredients like chicken, beef…, it called: “Gỏi”.

Guanabana does not have “Gỏi”, but we have healthy salads. Choose your favorite salad right away and enjoy it:

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